Thursday, September 22, 2011

A/C / antifreeze leak in 97 silverado?

I went outside one day and there was fluid on my driveway. I looked under the hood and there was antifreeze coming from the A/C compressor!!!! And I then tried my A/C It did not work. The truck is not over heating. I have no clue how antifreeze would even get close to the a/c compressor. I changed the head gaskets about 2 years ago.A/C / antifreeze leak in 97 silverado?
The leak you are seeing is fre-on, not coolant. The greenish fluid is a/c compressor oil with leak detection dye. The compressor would need to be replaced and then recharged most likely.
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  • How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?

    The car will not accelerate over 30MPH. The car often stalls when idling. The mechanic says the 3rd cylinder is dead. The air pressure was only 20PSI, when it should be 150PSI. He recommends a valve job where he will replace some things in the engine including the head gasket. He also changed the distributor rotor, wires, spark plugs. HE want to chare $1400 for everything. This seems expensive. Would it be cheaper just to replace the old engine. It is 42 years old now.How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?
    i own a repair shop and you can have the whole engine rebuilt cheaper than you can have him half way fix it,i think he,s going to half way fix it,so take it somewhere and have a good mechanic look it over im sure it needs work, i do this all the time,but don't let that mechanic touch it,for that kind of money you can have every single piece of that motor replaced and it will be like a new one,actually it will cost you less than that those are really simple to work on,good luck with it hope this helps.How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?
    thank you.

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    How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?
    I take it you want to keep the car as original as possible. Otherwise there isn't much reason to be driving a 66 Dart. The slant sixes are an easy engine to overhaul and with one dead cylinder that's what I'd do. What that mechanic is telling you is not what's best. A valve job on an old engine like that will lead to ring failure and oil burning and possibly bearing failure. You can probably buy a short block but then the engine serial No. will no longer match the car. Find a good repair shop that can overhaul the engine for you. You'll be happier and out less money in the long run.How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?
    Check with Checkers how much an engine is or any other auto parts store you have.How much does it cost to replace the engine in a Dodge Dart? (1966 with slant 6-cylinder)?
    You can get a V-8 that drops right in and is more reliable than the slant 6 for around $1000. not only will it give you an increase in power, but the overall feel of the car as well.

    Heating problems with my 1999 subaru ouback.?

    at around 160 000 miles the engine of the ouback 2.5 was overheating only on high speed. Now , at 200 000 miles all the time in hot wearther.Cooling water consumption, about 1 liter by 1000 miles, What can be ? I use fuel and gas, and a Subaru dealer told me that the gas brakes the heads..What is the best to do ? how much costs heads? changing the gaskets can be enough?

    T Y.Heating problems with my 1999 subaru ouback.?
    The head gaskets are very sensitive to a overheating condition. Subaru actually extended powertrain warranty time on theses vehicle for head gasket failure conditions. But unfortunatelty you are above the milage and time limit to qualify for the repairs. I've worked on a hand full of these vehicles and none of of them required cylinder head replacement. I just replaced the gaskets, flushed the block and radiator and the vehicles ran trouble free. In the event if you are not so lucky,at one time subaru offered rebuilt heads with exchange for yours. Price ranged from 450-650$ per head. They may still be avalible.

    Good Luck!Heating problems with my 1999 subaru ouback.?
    Nobody on this portal can tell you for sure....but you may be able to get away with just replacing the head gaskets. There are a lot of miles on this engine....

    Head gasket replacement...?

    1999 Subaru Forester 4 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic

    I took my car in for the coolant additive that is need every 40,000 miles to prevent head gasket failure and I was told that both head gaskets are leaking and so is the water pump and that I missed my scheduled additive. What I need to know it what do I need to get to change all of it. I know I need the head gaskets, bolts, head gasket sealant, water pump, water pump seal, water pump gasket sealer, and a timing belt. I know I need a few other seals(intake I think) but I don't know what they are called and if I should replace anything else while I have the engine broke down. What do I need to replace the head gaskets and water pump? Instead of paying $3000 to get it done, I'm doing it myself for $350-$400 since I know how.Head gasket replacement...?
    The first thing would be to take out the heads and check on the cylinders liners if scratched by pistons by over heat.

    As from there a list of parts could be made.

    Also try to get a manuel such as Haynes or other.

    Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?

    i have a rover 25 i was on the motorway and it started losing power fast, i pulled over and it died and then i couldnt start it.

    well i could start it but as soon as i let go of the throttle it dies again. it drove onto the tow truck.

    i sent it to a garage and they think its the head gasket although i didnt think it was that as the usual symptoms weren't there

    how much should a head gasket cost to change?Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?
    It sounds like it ran out of gas.Since it starts then dies.Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?
    Head gasket will cost a bit as it takes some time to do. While the head is off, assuming this is the problem. You might as well have the head checked for cracks and if the valves need to be redone. The garage should give you a written estimate for repairs before you authorize any work. In US dollars could be $600. what test has garage done? A compression test will confirm head gasket. Have electronics been tested To see if delivering correct spark to fire engine? When was fuel filter last changed? Has fuel pressure been tested? Could be weak fuel pump?Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?
    If it were a head gasket it wouldn't start at all. Sound more like the fuel pump died. Have the fuel pressure checked before changing the head gasket.Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?
    They should have done a compression test. If they haven't, ask them to do it. This will prove that the cylinder head needs to come off for inspection or not. If the compression figures for each cylinder are approximately equal there is nothing wrong with the gasket or head. It sounds more like a fuel supply problem to me. If you can possibly get a male friend or relative to accompany you when you enquire about the problem, do so. These bastards tend to fill women up with all sorts of bullshit I am sorry to say. Wear old clothes as they can smell money a mile off.Rover lost power fast then died and wont start?
    reading the symptoms it sounds like a plugged fuel filter or a plugged catalytic converter. DO NOT let them replace the head gasket. That is not the problem. A head gasket on that rover is an arm and a leg and it won't solve your problem. Also get the fuel pressure tested because it could be a weak fuel pump.

    How much does a head gasket cost for a 2006 chevy impala?

    i bought my 2006 chevy impala in june of 2009.i let 3 mechanic check it out before i purchased it and nothing was wrong.i have a friend that said he shaved the heads and got a oil change and it cost 500 dollars. now he did this himself and he is no mechanic. then after all of this i paid him back. now i took my car to a real mechanic and he said that he could tell that nothing was done just by me popping the hood. so now im stuck with a friend that says he did something and a real mechanic saying he didn't and will come show him that he didn't. i just wanna know how much does it cost to do that?How much does a head gasket cost for a 2006 chevy impala?
    $500 sounds like a fair price to do head gaskets on that car , i dont know how your %26quot;real mechanic%26quot; can tell just by liftin the hood that he didnt do anything if he didnt clean everything like a shop would it really wouldnt look like the heads where done but anyways not sure if I answered you question ir not but thats my 2 cents worhHow much does a head gasket cost for a 2006 chevy impala?
    Are you referring to the work that your so called friend did or didn't do? First of all does your friend have a machine shop in his basement? The work that you describe would have to be done in a facility where the machines that turn or shave heads because of warpage have to be done in exact tolerances. If you pull your own heads it would probably cost about $100.00 to $150.00 a head. If the shop does all the work about two and a half times the cost I quoted you.How much does a head gasket cost for a 2006 chevy impala?
    About $1300 is probably the best price you'll find to do both heads at a good shop. Anything less would probably be skipping steps. If your friend actually had the heads machined, they will look brand new. As, the machine shop will completely clean the heads before and after machining.
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  • How do you take off the pulley below the fan? mechanics help?

    How do u take off the pully below the fan with out the motor turning over because we was changing my head gasket and the timing chain came outta place on the bottom sprocket and know we have to take the whole front of the motor apart but all that pully wants to do is turn and we dont know how to get a good grip on it and break the bolt loose can anybody help me?

    1983 Nissan 720 engine 2.4How do you take off the pulley below the fan? mechanics help?
    Rapid Fire is correct about needing the puller (harmonic balancer/steering wheel puller) later, but seems to have missed the fact that you're still trying to get the bolt loose, which must be done first. The easiest way to do this is to take off any access cover you need to, and jam a screwdriver into the teeth of the flywheel/torque converter flex plate (where the starter engages) Wedge it in such a way that the engines crankshaft (the part the pulley is on in front), won't turn counterclockwise while turning the bolt in the middle of the pulley, until it comes loose.

    One other thought though. Are you sure you need to take that stuff apart? Assuming you lined it up with top dead center before you started, I'd think you could just re-hook the chain, and proceed as before. Of course, if you have rotated the crankshaft in the meantime, trying to get the bolt off, it may be necessary now. Or maybe you could line up the timing marks again? I mean, the chain doesn't really care which teeth it's on. It's the relation between the gears that matters.

    Sometimes, when faced with a situation like this, the best thing you can do is take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a few minutes to think about the alternatives.How do you take off the pulley below the fan? mechanics help?
    You need to use a gear puller to get the pulley off. Most parts stores will lend or rent you one. When the pulley comes off you will notice a keyway cut into the shaft - Do not lose the little metall woodruff key that comes out with the pulley.